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Concept & Objectives

PELGRIMM is a 4 year small/medium scale project, focussed on MA-bearing oxide fuel developments for Gen-IV SFR system in support to the SNE-TP Strategic Research Agenda. A total of 12 partners from education establishments, research institutions and industries will collaborate to share and leverage their skills, progress and achievements, investigating a wide range of items: from solid to spherepac fuel forms, from homogeneous to heterogeneous MA-recycling modes, from fuel fabrication and characterization to behaviour and performance under irradiation, from experiments to modelling and simulation, from normal operating conditions to severe accidents. Finally, synergies will be sought with other ongoing European Projects e.g. F-Bridge, ACSEPT, CP-ESFR and FAIRFUELS. Furthermore, the PELGRIMM project will contribute actively to the EURATOM’s contribution to Generation IV International Forum (GIF). In particular the advanced fuel project of the Sodium Fast Reactor (SFR)) systems will be targeted, and other options for Gas Fast Reactor (GFR), Lead Fast Reactor (LFR) fuel projects too as they are signed.